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Engine components from Aerotech Peissenberg

Here you will find a brief overview of our engine components such as blisks, shafts, drums, rings, casings and much more. Until then we will forward you to the product area on our old website.


Compressor Disks

These components can be found in the cold section of the engine, before the combustion chamber, as part of the compressor.

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Turbine Disks

These parts can be found in the hot section of the engine, just after the combustion chamber, where they are exposed to extreme temperatures.

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Broached or slotted drums are part of the high-pressure compressor (HPC), just before the combustion chamber.

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Seal Rings

Static and rotating seal rings used in all sections of the engine.

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Rings are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and complexities.

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ight, flexible and reliable: casings for all sections of an engine.

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