Made in Peissenberg.
A global standard for safe engine components and gas turbines for more than 40 years.

Our drive is “Quality”.

In the aero-engine market, the ATP Group is one of the leading German suppliers for all established and new engine programs. As an international and growth-oriented company, going forward we also want to be a long-term and strategic partner for our global customers.

Find out about our success model here, which is based on 4 pillars:


Aerotech Peissenberg Success Model

1. Engineering

Engineering services for engineers.
In order to fulfil the requirements of the latest engine developments, at ATP the engineering team specialises in machining technologies and is developing the right production and process solutions. Using the latest CAD/CAM and development technology, every customised component can be realised without problem, even down to a batch size of one.

2. Production

High end processes for complex products.
If you want to set benchmarks for engine components in terms of innovation, safety and quality, you have to meet the requirements regarding precision, process stability and cost efficiency in manufacturing. This not only requires the latest technologies, systems and machines, but also a highly qualified team at all levels.

Our range of capabilities in the area of “Production” include, among others, all common machining processes, surface treatment technologies, non-destructive testing and further services through our extended supply chain organisation.

Find out more about this under services.

3. Quality assurance

Zero defects – right from the start.
As a manufacturer of critical, rotating components and as key supplier to aero-engine OEMs, ATP is focusing along the entire value chain to minimize the risks. This “Zero Defects” strategy applies from the very start and extends through purchasing to the selection and control of external suppliers and service providers to our No. 1 priority: quality assurance.

4. Team

Our team – a league of its own:

In a working environment driven by high precision and quality standards, our employees demonstrate a high level of responsibility and attention to the details besides their professional knowledge and technical expertise.
With a constant eye on the latest state of the art technology and developments, they continuously qualify through training courses, both internally and at specialist colleges. As a result, they not only develop ATP’s success story, but they also actively drive it further.